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Have you ever felt like you were the only one who experiences anxiety?  Have you ever felt alone, scared and just wanted to feel "normal" again??

There are SO many answers...they're coming right now...
We have some AMAZING speakers sharing their BEST tips to help you combat stress and anxiety in your day to day life.
  • ​Accessing your subconscious mind through journaling
  • ​Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to calm fears around upcoming events
  • ​Why breakfast is important and what you should be eating to reduce anxiety
  • ​Micronutrients for anxiety and learn how to supplement the right way!
  • ​Why what you focus on makes all the difference in creating a peaceful and powerful future
  • ​Top 2 essential oils that DISRUPT the body's stress response
  • ​EFT tapping to reduce stress on a daily basis
  • ​Taking control of your environment
  • ​The important role of blood sugar and anxiety
  • ​Learn a simple technique you can do anywhere that reduces stress by 40%
Dr. Peter Osborne
Gluten and it's impact on mental health
Hyla Cass
Nutrients and Hemp Oil For Anxiety

Carol Look
Using EFT to Get Unstuck
Margaret Floyd Barry
The Power of Naked Nutrition For Mental Wellness
Leah Lund
The Role Of Neurotransmitters In Mental Health

Riana Milne
How Childhood Trauma Effects Anxiety
Barry McDonagh
The DARE Approach To Ending Anxiety
Christy Whitman
How To Create The Life You've Always Dreamed Of

Sandra Filer
Change Your Thoughts And Change Your Life
Chantal McCulligh
Simple Tips To Ease Anxiety + Ways To Help Kids!

Kerri Richardson
Living by Design Instead of Default: How to Clear You Physical and Emotional Clutter to Honor Your Soul's Calling
Patti Conklin
The Difference Between Anxiety & Fear  & How To Release Them
Dr. Christina Bjorndal
4  Foundations Of Strong Mental Health
Jill Payne
Energy Management For  Women

Autumn Smith
3 Dietary Steps for Reducing Anxiety 

Katie Kimball
Stress Mastery For Moms

Carolyn Cooper
Energy Medicine For Anxiety
Johanna Walker
Overcoming Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Tia Harding
Mindset Tips To Ease Anxiety

Mari McCarthy
Journaling To Release Anxiety & Stress

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